Product Categories

  • Integrated screw air compressor for laser cutting

  • Permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor

  • Two-stage compression permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor

  • Low pressure two-stage compression permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor

  • Low pressure permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor

  • Water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressor

  • Fixed speed screw air compressor

  • Oil-free screw blower

  • Screw vacuum pump

8 major product advantages, tailor-made energy-saving customization

  • 两级压缩空压机
    Advanced air compressor R&D and manufacturing
    Unique craftsmanship
  • 永磁变频空压机
    Obtained various system certifications
    High quality guaranteed
  • 复盛空压机
    Customized energy-saving solutions for permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors
    Comprehensive power saving of more than 30-40%
  • 复盛空压机
    Standardized 5S production assembly workshop
    Quality inspection personnel on duty
  • 变频空压机
    Sufficient material preparation
    Fast delivery time
  • 螺杆空压机
    One-stop service
    Save you time and worry
  • 空压机
    Perfect after-sales support
    Guarantee the lasting operation of production
  • 空压机
    Good customer satisfaction
    High repurchase rate of old customers
  • 变频空压机
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